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No Willpower Necessary, Activation Energy Is Required
May 13, 2020 at 4:00 PM
by Simplistic Wellness

I talk a lot about how changing your habits and health have nothing to do with “willpower”. In fact I can’t stand the word willpower when used in context of having to do anything with physiology. Unfortunately that is when the word willpower is mostly used. I say this because what controls an individual’s habits and health is their chemistry. If we change the individual’s diet a certain way then their chemistry will change in a way that automatically changes their habits and health. Then people say to me, yes but it takes willpower to initiate the process for the individual to change their diet in allowing the chemistry change to happen. No, I say, it takes activation energy.

Activation energy is the minimum quantity of energy which the reacting species must possess in order to undergo a specified reaction or basically the minimum energy necessary for a specific chemical reaction to occur. I am trying not to get to technical with this so stick with me.

Let’s look at what happens when we know we must take action with some particular aspect of our life. No matter how big of an impact this action is going to have on our life or how excited we might be about the outcome this action will have on our life, it always seems to take a lot of extra energy to get ourselves to initiate this necessary action.  Now, once you finally do initiate the necessary action you can pretty much coast through the rest of the process as far as the continuation of it. But there’s a little hump you have to get over to reach that point.

The activation energy of a chemical reaction is kind of like that “hump” you have to get over to get yourself to initiate the necessary action. This initial energy input, which is later paid back as the reaction proceeds (coasting through the rest of the process), is called the activation energy.

Activation energy is part of physics and we all possess it. I liken it to the high dive effect; we look at the high dive and see others jumping off it having a great time and then yelling at us to join in, telling us how much we’ll love it. We start feeling the adrenaline and then the rush of energy that pushes us to go ahead and climb the high dive stairs to the top. Now we are at the top of the high dive and we look down as all kinds of thoughts hit our brain like how much higher it seems when actually standing on top of the board and the shock we are going to initially feel hitting the cool water. When we are standing at the edge of the high dive looking down we call this potential energy. When we finally decide to just go for it and jump that is activation energy. When we have jumped and are in motion falling through the air that is kinetic energy.

Why am I explaining physics to you? Because this cycle of potential energy to activation energy to kinetic energy applies to any action you desire to take in your life. I am explaining this to show you that changing habits and health has nothing to do with the imaginary willpower and has everything to do with explainable and real physics.

So, when you see some of Protein Pantry’s testimonials and listen to acquaintances talk about the great effects they have felt while on the system and that pushes you to go ahead and learn more about Protein Pantry’s program, that is activation energy at work which now sets you up to have potential energy. If after learning more about Protein Pantry and talking with a representative of the program you decide to jump and start the system, that is activation energy which now sets you up to have kinetic energy. Once you are rolling with the Protein Pantry system and allowing kinetic energy to take over, it is all downhill for you the rest of the way. Follow the system, allow your chemistry to change and watch your habits and health change for the better.

Make it happen. It’s May and summer is around the corner. Activation energy, jump people! Let’s get summer fit.

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