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Have a Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving
November 24, 2021 at 7:30 PM
by Simplistic Wellness

Protein Pantry Tips For Having a Joyful & Healthy Thanksgiving

Drink plenty of water throughout the day before the Thanksgiving gathering.

Take two Protein Pantry Caprylic Acid capsules before the Thanksgiving gathering.

Remember, you do not have to worry about your fat intake with the Protein Pantry system. Enjoy the fatty meats and compliant vegetables smothered in butter. Loading up on the fatty, low carb choices will keep you satisfied and away from gorging on the tempting carbohydrates.

Take a compliant vegetable platter with some fatty, low carb dressings like Ranch, Caesar & Blue Cheese to the Thanksgiving gathering. Add some various aged cheeses to the platter that everyone will enjoy.

Check out our Protein Pantry Thanksgiving munu post on our blog. It's a whole Thanksgiving feast we created for you.

Enjoy a Protein Pantry fat bomb coffee which includes heavy whipping cream and butter in your coffee. You can find the recipe on our video blog page. The video is titled Protein Pantry Healthy Keto Coffee Recipe. For the coup de gras, we recommend the one of the Protein Pantry Bars with this coffee.

If you can't resist your Thanksgiving favorites, remember multiple bites will not taste any better than the first bite. In other words, have a taste and move on. This will give you your satisfaction without experiencing the awful hangover effect.

If you just totally blow it and ignore all of the advice given here then make sure you go back strictly keto the next day so you minimize the damage that was done.

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